All About Epidemicon

Epidemicon is a web platform that provides epidemiologists with necessary data and tools for making important decisions on handling COVID-19, with impact on national economies and people’s health.

Epidemicon allows people to communicate their condition to the national crisis management team from the first close contact with positive case to the moment when they need hospitalization.

Epidemicon connects epidemiologists, testing laboratories, hospitals and police in managing patients outside hospitals which need supervision. Doing so, it expands the healthcare system’s capacities multiple times.

Features That Matter for Those In Need

Centre For Fight Against COVID-19 Epidemics

It unifies the work of all forces gathered around the same cause – fight against the epidemics by enabling data exchange and giving active guidance 24/7. Not a single patient is being forgotten, not a single worker is deprived of support. The system doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t take a rest, it doesn’t get sick. It fights the epidemics with prompt and complete information!


Report patient's status daily without putting additional pressure on the doctors and epidemiologists.

Self tracking & reporting

Takes care of every reported person from the initial contact and through controlled choice of questions up until patient recovery and decision on further actions


Monitor the course of patient treatment in collaboration with the epidemiologists.

Monitor patients

Prescribe home treatment or send patients to a hospital. After the treatment or selfisolation have finished, discharge the patient from monitoring.


Perform tests on coronavirus with customised daily schedule and capacity with the help of automatic reservations of available time slots.

Test results

Lab enters the test results into the app and encloses a PDF copy of the official document on testing, with all the details and persons who performed the test.


Enables automatic scheduling of patient transportation to a testing lab or to a hospital.


The ambulance personnel enters the vehicle departure time into the app in order to notify the patient on the estimated time of pick up. Arrival time to the designated site is also entered, as well as the names of the driver and the doctor.


Hospital receives general information on the patient that has been sent there, saving precious time on the cross organizational medical data sharing.


Hospital personnel enters the time of patient admission and only the basic information on a daily basis; health statuses input: mild, serious, on respirator, critical. This information is useful for family physicians after the hospital treatment, then to the public, statistics…


Gives police insight into the citizens in selfisolation and the selfisolation expiry date


Enables police officers to enter the info on the performed surveillance and the results of such surveillance, ensuring that the person under surveillance who hasn’t obeyed the selfisolation rules can be treated medically/properly if it comes to disease development.


Gives insight into all the key information necessary for important decisions; increase of number of epidemiologists, introduction of night shifts etc.


Number of processed cases/citizens • Positive cases • Cases in progress • Patients awaiting their first call and average time of wait • Graphical presentation of epidemic sources on Map • Other relevant information analyses for statistics and reporting

Reduce Time & Costs

Live Reports

Group data by default or custom groups, which results in visualization similar to „pivot tables“ in Excel. Filter out large lists according to predefined criteria, or any other custom filter which represents all data input through the survey. Powerfull cross entity search eases finding exact matches every time.

Export filtered data into Excel or feed it into custom BI solutions.


Statistics & Analysis

  • Platform is open and these data can be used by many other experts

  • Platform provides an excellent basis for the use of AI and for large data analysis with the purpose to widen the knowledge on the model through which the infection spreads

  • What are the causes, sources, what is the spread rate and its range

  • What are the metrics of the infection increase and what are the most common symptoms

  • It facilitates the monitoring of the spreading of epidemics, as the link between the patients and their contacts is visible


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